Lagta hai Aditya boy ne befikr ho ke film banai hai. Matlab climax waghera daala he nahe naa. Boy full chill mein tha, shughal ke liye film banai.

The first half was a good laugh for sure but then lost it in the second.

Ranveer Singh as usual smashed it through sheer passion and the energy he brings. Such baat toh yeh hai even if he does a bad job I’ll say he did well ( man crush type scene). All jokes aside, he genuinely is one of the best actors out there and he proves it everytime. Vaani babe bhi theek thaak thi, acha kaam kiya. Iss larhki ka bhi fan hoon but maybe Kriti Sanon might have been a better option.

Songs were on point!! Almost every song was a hit.

Overall, a typical Yash Raj production. Bahir shoot, bhari kharcha. Definitely a one time watch nonetheless. Jao dekho cinema mein, piracy wali sasti harkatain na kero.

Aap ka apna, FilmyVela



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