1.Narpad beach-Dahanu,Maharashtra,India.

Narpad village. My hometown, my favourite place too. The village is located approximately 130km away from Mumbai. The people residing on the shore depend mostly on fishing, with it often being their only source of income. I’ve spent many precious moments of my childhood gazing at them fishing at the shore. They spread nets after the rainy season; as long as 400-500metres. Their job is difficult, extremely difficult. They tell me their entire family is engaged in this profession.

This is definitely a place worth discovering for all coming to India!


2.Ambewadi- Dahanu,Maharashtra,India.

Another amazing place-Ambewadi.

Ambewadi is right beside Narpad beach, at the borders of Maharashtra and Gujarat. Sunset has always been my inspiration. The shore, boats, birds, and waves. Nature has so many amazing things to offers us. It makes me feel more creative looking at the things nature has given us for free. All I can do is photograph these things. Sitting on the shore looking at the sunset is the most pleasing thing. It’s an imaginary world which we gaze at, making us feel rejuvenated. The birds make a stop here as a relaxing point in their long journeys. This place truly is heaven.


  1. Narpad-Dahanu,Maharashtra,India.

Using baskets is another method of fishing which is rarely used now for catching small fish or prawns or ‘kolbi’, as we call it in Marathi. Instead these baskets made out of bamboo by locals of the village, are now used for carrying fishes or for washing them. I used this basket for a different purpose though.  The most appealing thing about this photo for me is the water draining out of the basket, it may sound weird but I loved playing with the basket in the water as I used to do as a kid, old memories! And I was merely lucky to have that basket but to be there at right place and right time to click this photo. As a nature photographer it’s always difficult to be at the right place at a right moment. I’m glad I could click this shot.


  1. Narpad-Dahanu,Maharashtra,India.


This photos always amazes me. The two fisher-women are locals from Narpad village, about 75-80 years old and were heading home after a hard days work! Hard to believe right? The nylon nets they are carrying are made by joining the ends of the net to bamboo. Have you ever seen this method of fishing? If not you must visit this place after the end of the rainy season i.e. in October.


5.Sunset at Narpad beach-Dahanu,Maharashtra,India.

Taken with NightCap Pro. Long Exposure mode, 30.20 second exposure.

Narpad Beach

Long exposures are my favourites. Being a nature photographer, I always gaze at how nature changes the environment and makes it so delightful. The way landscapes transform their colours is unbelievable. Long exposure images make it more imaginary and interesting, and again I’m glad to have captured such an image.


 6. Boats at Narpad beach-Dahanu,Maharashtra,India.


The boats here are built by local fishermen. The fishermen go in these boats into the ocean to catch bigger fishes like tuna, shark, catfish, shrimp, etc. They stay for days in the sea; some small boats return within a day, while some of the bigger boats stay out in the sea for several months even. The income of fishermen here is dependent on the amount of fish they catch and sell. The scenery when boats return to the shore is beautiful and worth watching. Visit this place in months of November and December for amazing view of boats on the shore.


  1. Mumbai cityscape- Virar,Maharashtra,India.


Mumbai’s cityscape is always delightful. Virar city is located at 60kms from Mumbai city. This astonishing view is from ‘Jivdani’ mountain, Jivdani being the name of a Hindu goddess. This mountain forms a part of Satpura range in Virar, with the main temple situated atop this hill. The view is not really striking until you wait for the sun to set and let the colours get mixed with the clouds and sky.



Some of our childhood memories flood here. The punctured tyres from bicycles  which we used to play with. You may see kids playing with such tyres in some village areas of India. For me this photo offers a ocean full of memories and the fun we had playing with those punctured wheels. Technology really took us far from this fun!


9.Narpad beach-Dahanu,Maharashtra,India.

Cricket has been my favourite since childhood. Cricket is a famous sport in India, where you’ll find people playing cricket in every nook and cranny, and even on beaches. You’ll definitely enjoy playing cricket here. With such a beautiful view of the sunset, playing cricket was the ‘cherry on a cake’ for me! If you’ve never enjoyed cricket on the beach here’s your chance to do so. An incredible experience!


  1. Anand sagar- Shegaon,Maharashtra,India.

Taken with NightCap Pro. Long Exposure mode, 138.26 second exposure.


Yes, this is India. Even I was surprised to visit such place in India. Shegaon is a city in Buldana district in the state of Maharashtra, around 550km east of Mumbai. It is known for ‘Shri Gajanan Maharaj’ a famous saint, and the main tourist attraction is called ‘Anand Sagar’, an 3 billion INR project, which is maintained by the Gajanan Maharaj Sansthan. It surrounds a big artificial lake. It has a meditation centre, an aquarium, temples, playgrounds, lush green lawns and an open theatre where a fountain show is conducted for entertainment. This park has also started a toy train encircling the entire place. One day is not enough to explore the park. For me, as a photographer it would have taken atleast a week to explore this place, definitely one worth visiting!

Photography and words by silhouette photographer, Mitesh Patil.


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