Cricket as Revolution

This is a South Asia Centre LSE Literary Festival panel

Wednesday 22nd February 2017


Wolfson Theatre, NAB

Speakers: Dr Prashant Kidambi, Peter Oborne

Chair: Dr Mukulika Banerjee

This panel will draw on the perspectives of history to explore the dynamics of cricket in contemporary South Asia. Why has the game acquired such enduring roots in South Asia? Are there any common features in the way cricket is played, patronised and followed in the different countries of the region? Why is the game so intensely politicised in these countries? In what ways has the rise of India as a major cricketing powerhouse had an impact on cricketing relations with its neighbours? Is the IPL here to stay and if so, is it a force for good or does it threaten to irrevocably transform cricket as a sport?

Prashant Kidambi is Associate Professor in Colonial Urban History at the University of Leicester.

Peter Oborne (@OborneTweets) is a regular commentator on politics for television, Associate Editor of The Spectator and former chief political commentator of the Daily Telegraph. He is author of Wounded Tiger: The History of Cricket in Pakistan and White on Green: Celebrating the Drama of Pakistan Cricket.

Parvathi Raman is Senior Lecturer in Social Anthropology at SOAS. She is an anthropologist and historian conducting research on the South Asian diaspora, in both historical and contemporary contexts.  Her current research project is a study of South Asian communities in postwar Britain and their relationship to cricket.

This event is free and open to all but a ticket is required. Booking opens here on 31 January.

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